Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hello again,

I have been sidetracked for some time now and I finally made time to update and start to finish up Buckshot Bill. I still need to do a little sanding but I hope to have some exciting news within the next month regarding a release. I have also been working on various resin combinations introducing foreign materials into my mixes but more on that later. These pictures aren't great and I know if anyone held this in hand it would have much more detail but alas, my pictures can't prove it lol. Here you go and thank you for looking or following my toy design blog.

I added a uvula in the mouth, it still needs sanding of course. If you look closely or compare my last pictures of this sculpt you will see a lot more pellets in his face but it is hard to see them all unless you look at it in hand.

Side view of the head, I added more clay for a better hair texture but it also needs sanding and another layer of clay for final full dimension hair.


  1. You've got some nice textures going on in that face. Glad to see you're going strong. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Thanks a lot Ralph, you are an inspiring guy man. I can only hope to reach your level by the time I am old and grey.