Wednesday, February 22, 2012


So I finished this guy up last night but I think the busyness of it will keep it out of the OMFG series 2. If it does not make the cut then I will do a 3-d print out and cast this evil dude myself. I feel pretty accomplished for completing my first mini figure sculpt. Enjoy and as always thank you for reading.

I added his eye piece which is a radium lens (google radium lens for info on what it is), I also added the rusted and notched cleaver with blood dripping and a severed head. Due to the series style I did not want to go more realistic on the severed head. I felt it should have a goofy cartoon style look.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Here is a quick update. I scrapped my last OMFG sculpt because it just sucked a monkey's chocolate starfish. I have been working on some new texture techniques that a friend (who sculpts monsters for horror films) has been teaching me, I hope you guys like the look.

I give you "Grey Matter", once a nuclear scientist experimenting with Cobalt 69 and Iridium 192 when a tsunami struck his small continent. He was exposed to severe levels of these nuclear materials causing massive body decay which should have killed him. He lives in constant pain from his never ending body rot.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Hello again, I am working on this sculpt for the October toys Outlandish Mini Figure Guys (OMFG) series 2. Here is what I have been working on, it is still very much in progress and needs a lot of work. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Bearded Dragon: While on an archaeology expedition in the south american rain forest this once great professor found his camp and archaeology team in pieces. Lost and on his own the professor was on the hunt for food and water when he was attacked by an unknown breed of  large dragon like reptile. After a near death struggle the professor was left scarred missing his top lip and nose. The battle left his nerves frayed and never being in a situation like this was rapidly wearing his mind down. Soon he became crazed thinking he was king of the dragons, he began fashioning his own dragon muzzle/beak to hide his facial deformity and used the dead dragons body as a suit sticking his legs and arms into the hides appendages and using the rest as a head dress. He carved strange markings into his face and head. While wearing this suit only his head and big grizzly beard are visible, the once great professor has become the Bearded Dragon.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


So I started this sculpt some months back and have only showed it to one guy whom I respect a lot but it has been worked more since then. I have recently gotten it to a point of sanding and possibly more clay to add some finer details. I originally had another name for him but now I am in transition trying to find something more fitting. Thanks for looking and I hope you like it.

All the dark spots are unmixed black clay and that can cause a strange look in pictures, sorry hahaha.


Hello again,

I have been sidetracked for some time now and I finally made time to update and start to finish up Buckshot Bill. I still need to do a little sanding but I hope to have some exciting news within the next month regarding a release. I have also been working on various resin combinations introducing foreign materials into my mixes but more on that later. These pictures aren't great and I know if anyone held this in hand it would have much more detail but alas, my pictures can't prove it lol. Here you go and thank you for looking or following my toy design blog.

I added a uvula in the mouth, it still needs sanding of course. If you look closely or compare my last pictures of this sculpt you will see a lot more pellets in his face but it is hard to see them all unless you look at it in hand.

Side view of the head, I added more clay for a better hair texture but it also needs sanding and another layer of clay for final full dimension hair.

Friday, November 25, 2011


This will be our flag ship line of toys featuring several characters conceptualized and created by Tainted_Burrito and Chris ?. These characters are all regional, as with our first design being from the eastern pacific continent.

BACKSTORY: The year is 2018, planet Earth has been completely stripped of its natural resources by humanity. Oil is gone, water is scarce, and through poverty, war, and societal collapse the world governments lose control of their nuclear arsenals, power plants and waste depots. Nuclear fallout ensues, 8 billion people are killed over time through radiation poisoning, famine, and a lack of drinkable water and sunlight. The nuclear winter is long, so long in fact the Earth sits barren of life for over 500 years, until now. As the Earth has healed, life forms begin to emerge from various places and regions of the planet. These life forms have been spawned in the harsh climate of “New Earth” consisting of high ultraviolet rays and chemical reactions in the atmosphere from the planets irradiated stratosphere.

INTRODUCING THE FIRST CHARACTER OF OUR "AFTERMATH" LINE NAMED ANKO BUSAIKU. Anko was spawned from the cells of an angler fish, Lizard remains, and humanoid DNA that was quick fossilized in a small bay of Japan, the ultraviolet rays of the sun mixing with chemical reactions in the atmosphere and being magnified by the contaminated bay water over 100’s of years has produced this ugly guy. Anko Busaiku was conceptualized, created, and illustrated by Chris ? and sculpted by Tainted_Burrito




COMING LATER: From the Middle Eastern continent, THE SCINCUS. Born somewhere near Iran this creature is known as the sand fish of the Middle East but he is not a fish at all. He hides for years without moving, eating, or drinking but when hungry will ravage any living thing he can find. He lives and travels through the sands of the deserts and has a skin that protects him from the harsh sands and by coincidence the harsh "New Earth" climate.


Hello everyone, this is our first introduction into the scene. We are 2 guys who love making cooky characters and strange designs. Our goal is to bring you a slew of custom made resin (possibly Japanese made vinyl) toys. The company has several aspects on toy designs so you will likely see several different types of designs. For our first planned series release we bring you our "Self Inflicted Wounds" line. Here is a sneek peek of our first work in progress character named Bukshot Bill! Bukshot bill was conceptualized, designed, and sculpted by the mysterious no talent hack known as Tainted_Burrito

Stay tuned for more of our designs and further progress on Bukshot Bill.
Will you get caught in the N.E.T.?